Choosing the right tiling contractor for your tiling work.

Choosing the right tiler.
I recently visited a local café that had recently remodelled the customer toilet area with new tiling and updated fixtures and fittings. To the owner’s dismay, what should have been a lovely room looked all wrong.

Even a small error in floor or wall tiling can stand out like a sore thumb and become an eyesore that you notice every time you go into the bathroom.
Incorrect measurements and tile cuts, grout lines of different widths and unevenly laid tiles spoil the whole look of a room and much worse than bad aesthetics, a bad tiling job is incredibly expensive to fix as well as disrupting a household or business.

That’s why choosing the right tiling contractor to bring your tiling dream to fruition is so important. Like painters a tiler’s work is always visible and can make your bathroom renovation really special if the work is carried out correctly or pretty ordinary if its a shoddy job.

So, how do you choose the right tiler who’ll give you the result you want?

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right tiler and avoid some of the pitfalls so you get the finish you want.

    • Choose a professional. It’s generally not a good idea to employ the “mate of a mate” who tiles a few bathrooms on the side. choosing the right tiler - tiling service brisbaneTo begin with, they’re probably not QBCC licensed which leaves you with no protection should something go wrong. Secondly its doubtful that they have the skills or experience to give you the finish you’re looking for. 
If you want a professional tiling job and a great finish to your new bathroom, hire a professional, qualified QBCC licensed tiling contractor.
    • Choose someone who listens: A good tradesman will listen to what you would like the final result to look like and make suggestions to help you make an informed decision. These suggestions may be about the type snd size of tiles to be used as well as where and how feature tiles might be used.
    • For a domestic tiling job, choose a tiler with significant tiling experience: Commercial tiling and domestic tiling are different bit complementary skills, however the finish required to make you tiling really special needs the know how of a really competent domestic tiler. Choose the right tradesman for the right job.
    • Look for experience and a track record. Like most tradies tilers build their business by consistently doing good work and most of their work comes from referrals.
    • Ask to see photos of previous work. Better still ask to see some of the work they’ve recently competed.
    • Check out the tiler’s website. These days most tradesmen will have a website that will showcase their work. Is it relevant and up to date? Have previous clients left reviews and what was their experience. The web is always a good starting point.


What to look for and what are the signs of good, professional tiling?

When you’re looking at a completed tiling work look for consistent spacing and straight grout lines. Take notice of the layout, does it look right and balanced? Are the feature tiles placed to good effect?

A good tiler will measure and work from the centre of a room so that cut tiles around the edges are the same size. Make sure to check the doorways, windows and any other tight spaces because laying tiles skilfully in these places will demonstrate your tiler’s expertise. Paring attention to these seemingly small things will help you choose the right tiler for your work.

What questions should you ask?

    • Ask for a quote in writing. Any reputable tiling contractor will give you a quote in writing. You should also know what deposit if any is required before the works start. That’s our standard practice at KUDA Tiling and there are no hidden extras.
    • Ask about the quality of adhesives and grouts will be used. These vary a great deal in quality, guarantee and finish. AT KUDA Tiling we only use the world leading Mapei range of products all of which carry a manufacturer backed 10 year warranty. This gives peace of mind to out clients commercial or domestic.

Don’t make a decision you may regret and have to live with for a long time

So don’t be like the café owner I met who paid good money for a poor job. Hire an expert you trust after doing a bit of research.

At KUDA Tiling we’ve seen plenty of poor tiling over the years, we’ve even fixed up a lot of it. We have more than 20 years experience in commercial and domestic tiles of all kinds. We’d love you to have the bathroom you want and the prefect finish you deserve. Give us a call and we’ll show you the KUDA Tiling difference. Together with out partner KUDA Bathrooms we only use work leading Mapei products which are backed by a 10 year manufacturers warranty. 

At KUDA Tiling we’ve seen plenty of poor tiling over the years, we’ve even repaired a lot of it. We have more than 20 years experience in commercial and domestic tiles of all kinds. We’d love you to end up the bathroom you’ve planned for and the perfect finish you deserve. Give us a call and we’ll show you the KUDA Tiling difference. We’re always happy to give our clients advice and offer obligation free quote on site. Choose the right tiler, first time. Call  KUDA Tiling on 0401 025 787‬ for all you domestic and commercial tiling needs.

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