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Tile Your Way To A stylish New Bathroom With KUDA Tiling

Bathroom are by far the most common areas of renovation homeowners undertake. Not only does a bathroom renovation add value to your home, it also gives personality to the room you probably start and finish your day in.

At KUDA tiling bathrooms we’ve been tiling of every size for more than 20 years and we’ve listed our three top tips for tiling your way to style in the bathroom.


Tip No 1 – In smaller bathrooms try matching the wall and floor tiles

Contrasting floor and wall tiles look fantastic, however, if you’re pushed for space in your bathroom, matching tiles can look even better. When tiles are colour matched smaller spaces give the impression of being larger than they are, and lighter colours magnify this effect.

If you’re worried about having a bland bathroom, don’t be. You can add colour by choosing bathroom fittings such as a vanity, bath or basin that contact beautifully with the tiles. Look at the example below, a splash of colour in a smaller room makes all the difference.


tiling tips



Tip No 2 – Think about colours not fashion

A bit of creative imagination goes a long way when it comes to bathroom design so if you have a spacious bathroom, go crazy with tile colours and let your imagination loose! We all love colour and some of the tiles available are spectacular, we know because we lay them.

That said, think about the passage of time when you’re choosing your tiles and make sure your tile choice will stand the test of time because you’ll have to live with them for a good few years. That said, we’re always happy to come and re-tile your bathroom!


Tip No 2 – Call us and let us do your tiling for you!

Unless you know how to tile (and it really isn’t as easy as it might look), why don’t you give us a call? At KUDA Tiling we’re happy to help and give you advice when you’re looking at tiles. We’ll give you a competitive, obligation free quote and we’ll guarantee our work and all of the materials we supply. Together we’ll make the perfect team, you’ll have the bathroom you’re dreaming of and we’ll make it as hassle free as we possibly can.

We’ve seen plenty of poor tiling over the years, we’ve even repaired a lot of it. We have more than 20 years experience in commercial and domestic tiles of all kinds. We’d love you to end up the bathroom you’ve planned for and the perfect finish you deserve. Give us a call and we’ll show you the KUDA Tiling difference.  Choose the right tiler, first time.

Call us 07 5491 4458 and see how easy it can be to get tiles laid with KUDA Tiling. We’re the friendly, professional tiling team and we’re all over the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

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